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Things You Should Know About AC Tune-Up / Maintenance

When the temperature rises outside, you want to take it down inside your house, but if your air conditioner is on the fritz, that will be impossible. To avoid this situation and costly repairs, it is better to simply have an AC tune-up to ensure your air conditioner is functioning properly when you need it the most. Not only does proper maintenance on your air conditioner save you money and hassles in the long run, but it can also help to improve the airflow in your home or business while also saving you money by reducing energy costs. ac tuneup  

What does an AC tune-up include?

An AC tune-up should be conducted by a licensed professional HVAC specialist and includes an array of different things, such as checking the refrigerant levels of your system. A heating and cooling specialist will also test the AC’s condenser motor and compressor to ensure they are working properly and will add motor lubricant if it is needed. He or she will also conduct a complete safety inspection, clean the condenser coil, and tighten anything that needs to be done while also running a diagnostic test on your system to ensure the control board, thermostat, and filter are in proper working order. An HVAC professional will also tighten up all connections for your air conditioning unit and will test the capacitor and inspect the blower cabinet to ensure that it is clean and free of debris.

How often should you get an AC tune-up?

It is the best scenario for keeping your AC running properly to have it undergo an AC tune-up one time each other, preferably just before the warm temperatures arrive. This will ensure your system operates properly and to its full capacity.

What is done during AC maintenance?

While you can do some things to maintain your air conditioning unit, it is better to have routine maintenance done by a licensed heating and cooling technician each year, which is imperative to keep it working properly and efficiently. Your HVAC professional will begin by changing the system’s filter. This will help keep contaminants out of your home’s environment so you can breathe easily throughout the summer. It will also prevent particles from debris in your filter from allowing the air to flow properly throughout your system. An HVAC specialist will also inspect and clean the drain line for your air conditioner, which is the white pipe on the side or front of your furnace. This pipe is important because it drains condensation away from your air conditioning unit. If this pipe becomes clogged, your system will not be able to drain properly, which can result in your air conditioner leaking water.

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