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When you are searching to find a powerful air conditioning unit that is simultaneously affordable, an excellent solution might be a ductless mini split AC or heat pump system. Here in Woodbridge, VA, the summer months can become extremely humid and warm, and running your AC system all the time can quickly become very pricy. Fortunately, there are more cost-effective options available thanks to the advanced technology that has recently been developed.

Here at Walker Heating & Air Conditioning, our skilled technicians are ready to replace and install superior mini-split air conditioning units. Because these systems are completely ductless, they are much more convenient to store within your residence or commercial property. Whether you have an office, store, condo, or apartment that needs an AC unit, trust us to offer dependable Woodbridge mini-split services that you can count on even during the hottest temperatures.

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Installation and Replacement of Ductless AC Systems

Perhaps you have just moved into your new home in Virginia and are looking for one of the most important appliances you will ever use – a powerful AC unit. Alternatively, you may have an older system that keeps breaking down or simply does not run efficiently anymore. In either case, it could be extremely beneficial to contact our team here at Walker Heating & Air Conditioning.

Our experienced technicians are ready to provide a detailed examination of your home and estimate the most suitable AC appliance for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Depending on the size of your residence or commercial property, we can tell you just how many units would be appropriate to install within the rooms and determine the optimal locations to place them. We can also fix any units that might need minor repairs before these become major issues.

Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump Installation

Mini-splits’ compact size and flexibility in zoning or heating and cooling certain rooms are their key benefits. For up to four zones or rooms, many models allow for the connection of up to four indoor air-handling units to a single outside unit. How much heating or cooling is needed for the building as a whole or for each zone determines the amount. How well the building is insulated and air sealed may have an impact on this. You just need to condition occupied regions because each zone has its own thermostat, which can help you save energy and money.

It is simpler to install ductless mini-split systems than certain other kinds of space cooling equipment. For instance, the conduit only often needs a three-inch hole in a wall for the connection between the outside and indoor units. The majority of manufacturers of this kind of system offer a range of connection conduit lengths, and if necessary, you may place the outdoor unit up to 50 feet away from the inside evaporator. This allows for the conditioning of rooms on the front side of a house while placing the compressor in a more favorable or discrete location outside the structure.

Since mini-splits are duct-free, they do not suffer from the energy losses caused by ductwork in central forced air systems. More than 1/3 of the energy used for space conditioning may be accounted for by duct losses, particularly if the ducts are located in an area without air conditioning, like an attic.

Are Mini-Splits Worth It?

If you are used to traditional heating and cooling, you might wonder if ductless mini splits are worth it. This is why it’s helpful to learn about all the advantages you will receive by having a ductless system installed. Mini-split systems are a good investment for both residential and commercial buildings. They allow efficient and economical temperature control, for heating and cooling, throughout the occupied areas of your home.

Just some of the great benefits of mini splits include:

  • Low-cost installations – Unlike traditional heating and AC units, mini-splits are usually easier to install. Since there is no duct-work, technicians can install them faster, which can lead to lower costs all around.
  • Increased savings every month – Mini-split systems are much more efficient than traditional ducted systems. You can count on them to keep your property comfortable year-round, while simultaneously enjoying your reduced bills.
  • Fresh, clean air – The long, tangled ducts that come with traditional HVAC systems often accumulate particulates like pollen, mildew, mold spores, dust, dander, and even toxic chemicals. You can relax in the healthy air of your home, knowing that every breath is clean and pure.
  • Performance – Ductless mini-split heat pumps and air conditioners outperform traditional HVAC systems. They are capable of cooling the same amount of space in your home at a lower cost. The inverter technology also provides better humidity during cooling which makes your home more comfortable in the summer. Mini-split heat pumps can also put out far superior heat compared to your traditional heat pump system. Most compare the temperature output to be more like having a gas furnace in the home, capable of 100F air when it is 0F outside.

Professional Services You Can Depend On

At Walker Heating & Air Conditioning in Woodbridge, our reliable technicians are devoted to giving you excellent ductless mini-split services. You can count on our licensed experts to get the job done right the first time and leave your house spotless after we leave.

For the best ductless mini-split system installation company in the Northern Virginia area, contact Walker Heating & Air Conditioning.

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