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Furnace Maintenance Woodbridge

It’s essential to have furnace maintenance to keep your heating system in top condition. We at Walker Heating and Air know the value of a thorough furnace tune-up is well worth the money spent. A functioning furnace warms our chilly days and nights in Woodbridge, VA. The secret to making your furnace last longer without issues is maintenance.

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Our $79 Furnace Tune-Up

Sometimes, unexpected furnace problems pop up. Do you need a quick check-up or tune-up in Woodbridge, VA, or our surrounding service area? Give Walker Heating and Air Conditioning a call for a precision tune-up.

Our furnace maintenance special includes:

  • Complete tune-up and adjustments
  • Comprehensive safety inspection
  • Clean the blower cabinet and burner assembly
  • Diagnostics: air filter, thermostat, air vent, pilot, gas light inspections, etc.
  • Clean flame sensor and electronic ignition test & check
  • Temperature Rise, adjust air dampers, and check vents are unblocked
  • Inspect heat exchanger and CO levels
  • Check gas pressure and adjust if needed
  • Test blower and inducer motors, lubrication if needed
  • Tighten and adjust all high & low-volt connections
  • Adjust airflow as needed for maximum efficiency
  • Professional services performed by a certified technician

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HVAC Maintenance Services

Are you looking for regular or scheduled HVAC maintenance service? We offer an excellent maintenance membership for your convenience. A failing furnace is more than just uncomfortable. It can cause dirtier air, poor performance, and higher utility bills. Save your money and time with our annual maintenance package.

We offer an annual maintenance plan to save you money while ensuring your winter nights are warm and cozy. Protect your family and give yourself peace of mind with the Walker Family Plan maintenance membership. Our membership is an affordable way to improve heating performance, lower bills, and have a more comfortable home. Certified, trustworthy techs will handle all your furnace checks and provide satisfaction-guaranteed work. Book Online Today!

Our $149 Maintenance Plan

Two tune-ups per year

Service within 24 hours

No diagnostic fees

Priority front-of-the-line service

10% off all repairs

Maintain manufacturer warranty

Live technical assistance


A failing furnace is more than just uncomfortable. It can cause dirtier air, poor performance, and higher utility bills. It’s possible that your furnace has a hidden problem, which left unresolved could result in an unexpected breakdown or even require premature replacement. Annual furnace maintenance can help you avoid furnace repair and detect minor issues before they turn into major ones.

A properly maintained furnace provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Correct airflow throughout your home
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Lower utility bills
  • Fewer repairs
  • Extended equipment life
  • Better indoor air quality
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We can usually complete your tune-up in less than an hour. Our hands-on certified technicians are ready to help. We provide furnace maintenance to Woodbridge, Stafford, Manassas, VA, and more. Contact us to schedule a furnace tune-up today.

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