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Father’s Day AC Tune Up

Schedule A Father’s Day AC Tune Up

What do you get for the Virginia dad who has everything? A new tie? Been there. A “World’s Best Dad” mug? It’s always a classic, but I’ve done that. How about helping Dad check off an item on his to-do list this Father’s Day with an AC Tune-Up (and indoor air quality assessment) from Walker Heating and Air-Conditioning? We think it may just be the next “new set of BBQ tools” when it comes to the practicality of pops. And, what better way to enjoy the Woodbridge summer in style than with the gift of knowing your family will have cool, clean air to breathe all season long? Give dad comfort for fathers day

Here’s some info to dazzle dad’s natural love of data and stats (you can find more such facts on our “About Us” page.)

We’ll call it a “Dad Fact.” The average life of an AC system in Woodbridge, VA is 15 years (AC years are kinda like “dog years.”) If your system is pinging and fixing to play the Macarena (call us if so. We haven’t heard that one yet…), or you’re experiencing areas of uneven heating and cooling, or if you sense a musty odor that isn’t originating from a teen’s hamper, it’s probably time for a Tune-Up or even an upgrade. That said, you have our word. We’ll never try to talk you into repairing or replacing things that aren’t necessary. We pride ourselves in providing honest, upfront pricing with no surprises, overage charges, or hidden fees. After a visit from one of our skilled, safety-first, and OSHA-compliant technicians, you’ll feel like you just took a super fun class in your HVAC system. We speak in a language even the least tech-savvy can understand while respecting your intelligence! Surprises are fun when someone leaps out of a layer cake, but not when your AC unit decides to take a long nap on the hottest day of the year. You can get ahead of that scenario with a look-see from the folks at Walker. Ensuring your AC functions as it should also ensure you enjoy the most energy- and cost-efficient use of your unit, promote its longevity, and keep you in excellent standing with your warranty. These are all concepts Dad can surely get behind. While we’re there, we can also look at your indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality can cause headaches, fatigue, breathing issues, etc. We’ll test for mold, fungi, bacteria, and any harmful airborne particulates that could affect your family’s health, and we’ll recommend solutions to improve the air you breathe.

Consider a Walker Family Plan maintenance membership if you really want to reward the man who opens pickle jars in a single twist.

Members enjoy discounts on repairs & installations, zero diagnostic fees, 24/7 service, and twice-a-year maintenance visits at no additional cost. Our work is guaranteed with a 10-year full coverage warranty and a full 2-year labor guarantee on all repairs made. You won’t find better than that, and Dad deserves the best. Walker is proud to be your trusted HVAC contractor in Northern Virginia. We’re a Rheem pro partner and a member of ACCA with more 5-star ratings than your favorite takeout spot. Illuminate the saying, “Father Knows Best,” with a call to Walker this Father’s Day.  It’s so much better than a new pair of socks!