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Selecting the best boiler service company for your place of residence is an important decision. You’ll reap the advantages of comfort and efficiency for years to come. No matter if you are starting out with heating for a brand new home that was just built or replacing the old system, there are many benefits to installing a hot water boiler. At Walker Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re the experts when it comes to boiler services, repairs, and installations.
Boiler services and repairs

Boiler Replacement & Installation

The most comfortable and consistent form of heat can be provided by a hot water boiler heating system. This radiant heat is distributed evenly throughout your home. Easy maintenance, energy efficiency, and proper installation are the most important aspects of any boiler system.

  • Water heats more quickly and remains hotter for longer than air
  • The most comfortable even heat
  • Uses less electricity than forced air
  • Zoning options can reduce energy waste in unused areas
  • Does not circulate dust throughout the air
  • Better natural humidity
  • Boilers rarely need repairs
  • Quiet operation

Boiler Repair Versus Replacement

There are frequently a lot of elements to take into account when it comes to your boiler. Should your boiler be repaired or replaced? On the one hand, maintaining your heating and hot water for less money may make fixing your boiler more cost-effective in the coming years. But over time, switching out your boiler might be a wiser choice. A more recent boiler will be more energy-efficient, which will eventually result in lower utility costs for you. A brand-new boiler will also probably have better performance and durability ratings than an older one, guaranteeing that it will offer dependable service for many years to come. In the end, a number of variables, such as the age of your boiler, will determine whether you opt to repair it or replace it.

New Boiler Installation for Greater Efficiency

When was the last time your current heating system was checked by a certified technician? Only about 50% of older boilers are efficient. Even a top-of-the-line furnace is more efficient than a mid-range boiler. The efficiency of a modern boiler installation might reach up to 85%. The savings in energy costs alone will pay a portion of the cost of new equipment. By keeping up with routine boiler maintenance, your system will run more effectively and last longer.

How Much Time Does a Boiler Installation Take?

Depending on the size of the boiler and the complexity of the system, installing a boiler normally takes one to three days. Workers will be required to complete a number of activities, including piping the boiler to the system, connecting the electricity, and checking that everything is operating as it should, during this period. But ultimately, as long as there are no special conditions, installing a boiler ought to be a fairly simple task. Therefore, if you require a new boiler and want to reduce the time and bother involved in the process, be sure to deal with a reliable boiler installation company like Walker Heating & Air Conditioning that can get you set up quickly and efficiently.

Get in Touch With Our Boiler Installation and Repair Experts

We will evaluate your household and provide our top recommendations before you make your final selection on a heating system. We at Walker Heating & Air Conditioning are professionals at efficiently and comfortably heating your house. Contact us or dial (703) 483-2400 for more information about our boiler installation and service.


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