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Adding AC Units to a Home Addition

Things to Know When Adding AC Units to a Home Addition

In a home addition, consider the size, type, price and efficiency of an AC unit.

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Heating Cooling Solutions for Home Additions

Walker Heating and Air Conditioning offers everything you need for AC units for home additions in Virginia. 

Types of Home Additions / Square footage

The type of addition and its size affects your choice of AC unit. 

Converting an existing space

Converting a space in your house usually means no changes are made to walls and windows.

Adding a room

Adding a new room means new walls and windows.

Expanding a room

Expanding a room usually means adjusting at least one wall and possibly adding a window.

Choosing the Right HVAC Solution for your House Addition

When it comes to choosing the best AC unit for your addition, consider where the unit can go and how it will fit in.

Expanding your existing HVAC system

Your first option is to add a unit to your existing HVAC system. This is possibly the best option if you are converting or expanding a room.

Installing a new A/C system

If the addition is an outside space separate from the house, you will definitely need a new AC unit. You may opt for a portable one.

Ductless Mini Split Unit

A great AC unit to install in your home addition is a Ductless Mini Split Unit, which can be stored easily when not in use.  

Through the wall units

This is a great option if you are building a whole new room, or expanding a room. In these cases, a new wall can easily feature an AC unit, without having to make massive changes.

 What is the best AC unit?

The best AC unit for your conversion is the one that fits the room and your budget.

Size of the Unit

The size of the AC unit you choose for the home addition must be relative to the size of the addition itself. For a room that is 129 square feet (13 square meters), you will need a unit with 43 CFM.

Price of the AC Unit

The size and efficiency of the AC unit you buy for your addition must fit into the overall budget. An additional AC unit that will push out 43 CFM can cost between $400.00 and $600.00.

You don’t want to find out that your budget won’t stretch to an AC for the addition at the end of the process. Plan before you even begin the addition.

Energy Efficiency

The average EER for smaller AC units is 8.5. This is the minimum energy efficiency you should be aiming at when you are looking for a unit for your addition.

Extra Features

Different AC units can come with different features. Remember to ask about these when you are looking.

 When choosing the best AC unit for your home addition, consult the experts.

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